Here are a few tips that may be helpful in getting the most out of the GRI

GRI discussions have no speakers and no presentations. They are much like an after-dinner conversation in one’s own living room among good friends, with the guidance of a moderating Chair.

Participation is equal for everybody; the Moderating Chair and Co-Chairs sit scattered around the room and have no more or less contribution than anyone else. The role of the Moderating Chair is to ensure maximum participation and engagement.

If connecting with new partners is useful, we encourage you to engage as vocally and actively as you might enjoy. This enables others to get to know you and vice versa.

The Moderating Chair will address questions directly to participants by name or by gesturing towards them, not just to anyone in the room at-large, as that is usually greeted with pregnant silence. Even so, you are encouraged to comment, question, dissent or otherwise interject.

As no one will prompt you, please join the discussion room of your choice in good time. Rooms tend to fill up after a discussion starts and you need not be concerned by a near empty room. This will quickly change.

Some participants speak so softly as to be unheard by most. Speak up and remind others to do so if you can’t hear them.

Monopolizing conversation, self-promotion or commercial pitches is prohibited, and the Moderating Chair has been urged to cut them short.

The GRI format is designed to enable senior industry leaders to share, learn and make friends in as natural, spontaneous and collegial a setting as possible. We welcome your suggestions as to how we can do better.


While journalists may sometimes take notes during discussions, they only ever do so after signing a “Chatham House” confidentiality agreement under which they commit not to quote for attribution to a person or to a company, except with specific consent from the respective parties. In addition, students or other reporters may summarize most of the discussions and take notes that are subsequently distributed to all participants.